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News; MBT Shoes Are Funky Alternative Footwear

Published: Wednesday 14 October, 2009




MBT shoes were designed as a healthy and full body comfort shoe. MBT’s are fashioned to provide a rewarding and focused athletic work out to you, without the harshness of many fitness equipment setups. The curved design of the sole is the start of these unique shoes. Altering the way you walk on these soles gives your body a different pattern to walk on, thus changing your walking gait and ultimately the form of your body. The carefully curved shoe is a new addition to the shoe world.

What does “MBT� stand for? “MBT� stands for “Masai Barefoot Technology�. It was styled after the Masai tribe in Africa who was discovered to have a very regal posture and walk. After studying them, it was discovered that their constant walking on uneven surfaces had an affect on their posture and the way they walked.

The design of MBT shoes is amazing. The uniquely curved sole makes your body change the way it carries itself. Instead of using only one side of your foot, it creates a foot pattern that works every one of the muscles in the foot instead of just a pattern of heel to toe. This pattern then displaces the weight of your body in an even fashion over the entire foot making it easier to walk and therefore creating less strain on your feet and all the way up your spine. When we walk, mostly, everyone places the weight of their body on their heels and when they walk forward they are in effect pulling their body along. This disrupts the flow of your body’s motion causing many of the body problems that we have in our hips, back and shoulders. These shoes force your body to take smaller steps which creates a different walk that is easier on your body.

The style of these shoes is also a new and funky alternative to your everyday shoe. The patterns and styles work in any environment and they will look good with any outfit you wear. These shoes may even make your body work more and burn calories more efficiently. Additionally, MBT has created a special liner that effectively draws moisture away from your feet, keeping your feet dry and clean. The purchase of these shoes is a must for anyone who is searching for a way to tone and balance their body throughout the day. Find MBT shoes online today at authorized retailers.


About MBT.

MBT, Masai Barefoot Technology, is the brainchild of Swiss engineer Karl Muller. While visiting Korea Muller discovered that walking on paddy fields barefoot eliminated his back pain. Upon returning to Switzerland, Muller started to develop a shoe that would duplicate the feeling of walking over those paddy fields, sand or any other soft natural terrain. It took several years but in 1996 MBT shoes were ready to be released to the world. Since then, MBT Chapa shoes , MBT Lami shoes, MBT M.Walk shoes, MBT Sport shoes are now sold in over twenty countries and sell approximately 1,000,000 pairs a year. Benefits a lot from MBTs. You can easy to benefit a lot by MBTs. We offer cheap MBT shoes and MBT shoes discount online. We have engaged in this business for years, now we off huge selection and new styles, free shipping and no sale tax, welcome to purchase a pair of MBT shoes.

Why MBT shoes?

* Activate Neglected Muscles
* Improve Posture, Circulation & Gait
* Tone and Shape Your Body
* Reduce Stress on Knee and Hip Joints
* Can Help With Foot, Hip, Leg & Back Problems
* Can Help with Muscle, Ligament, Tendon and Joint Injuries
* Equally Distributes Pressure Over the Whole Foot

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